Denture Problems

Loose Fit

Dentures rest on a ridge of bone and gum tissue. Over time, that ridge will shrink causing the dentures to no longer fit properly. If there are tooth roots that have been retained to hold the denture (Overdenture), or if implants have been placed to retain the denture (Implant-Retained Denture), or if it is a Partial Denture, the ridge will not shrink as rapidly as with a Complete Denture, but there will still be some change over time. This causes the denture or partial to become loose. Sometimes a denture or partial can be relined to make it fit properly. However, if the denture or partial is worn or brittle, or if the change in the ridge is significant, a new denture or partial may need to be fabricated in order to obtain a proper fit.

Sore Spot

As gums change over time, a sore spot will occasionally develop due to changes in how the denture or partial rests on the gums. If a sore spot develops, contact us for an adjustment or relining of your denture or partial.

Discolored Dentures

Dentures get bacteria build-up on them, just like natural teeth. Soak dentures and/or partials daily in a cleaning solution and brush daily as well. If all of the stain and bacteria can’t be removed, bring the dentures and or partials to our office to be professionally cleaned.

Bad Odor

Dentures can absorb bacteria and fluids that cause offensive odors to develop. If your dentures appear to be clean but have an odor, contact us for advice on some simple remedies for removing these odors.

Broken or Chipped Denture

Chips or fractures in your dentures or partials can sometimes be easily repaired. Bring them to our office for evaluation.

NEW SCHEDULE: Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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