Dr. Kopal Agarwal is a general dentist in Sterling VA. She graduated from Tufts University – School of Dental Medicine, Boston MA with Doctor of Dental Medicine and Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Meerut University, India. She practiced as a General Dentist in India before attending Tufts University, where received rigorous training in General Dentistry. She has volunteered at several non-profit dental camps. Dr. Agarwal joined  Dr Gaitan’s practice in 2016 acquiring excellent rapport with patients. Dr AQgarwal is fluently in English, Hindi and Urdu.
She is a caring and compassionate dentist with a goal of providing highest standard of dental care to each of her patients. She enjoys treating adults and children. In her free time, Dr. Agarwal enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

NEW SCHEDULE: Keeping ahead of COVID-19

In light of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, We strongly believe in our commitment and moral obligation to provide urgent dental services and emergency care to our patients. Many of whom are in pain or experiencing infection and must be treated to avoid more serious health consequences. In order to keep patients and staff safe, we are following the current CDC-and ADA- recommended guidelines regarding dental treatment.

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